Our Secrets a posted Jul 4, 16

With Great Sadness 

We are currently in communications with Bluefang in reference the issues we have been having up to and including the DDOS attacks. We have spoken to them on and off all day long today but dont seem to be making any progress with the servers.  So effective 2/16/2019 unfortunately we are having to shut the servers off until further notice. We hope to open them back up in the future, but have no times or dates as of yet , or IF we will or not.  We can not thank you all enough for the time each of you have put in with the servers and the friendships that have been made over the past 3 years.  Thanks again, SeabeeMan , Zombiehunter0502, and Rshelton35

Attn All Donors

As of 2/15/2019 we are having to close our servers due to DDOS attacks that we can not stop from happening. We have spent ALOT of money renting servers that "supposedly" had DDOS protection, but its still going on and shutting down the servers is the only way to stop it. Please contact SeabeeMan or Rshelton35 via steam or discord to talk about your donation.

We are planning on keeping the webpage up at least till our paid time is up which is just over 90 days.